List of 49 Names Chris Jericho Mentioned on the 9/27/10 edition of Raw

September 29, 2010

This list does not include any wrestlers Chris Jericho may have mentioned off-air during the commercial break. If anyone has those names, please let me know. I apologize in advance for any of the Japanese or Mexican names that may be mispelled. Here we go…

1. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
2. The Rock
3. Triple H
4. Kane
5. Shawn Michaels
6. Eddie Guerrero
7. Rey Mysterio
8. JBL
9. Big Show
10. Edge
11. Undertaker
12. MVP
13. CM Punk
14. Invader I
15. Invader II
16 – 20. Villano I, II, III, IV & V
21. Juventud Guerrera
22. Apolo Dantes
23. Ringo Mendoza, Jr.
24. The Great Muta
25. Masahiro Chono
26. Funaki
27. Fauki
28. Jado
29. Gedo
30. Yoshi Tatsu
31. Perry Saturn
32. Dean Malenko
33. Lex Luger
34. Sting
35. Ric Flair
36. Bill Goldberg
37. Booker T.
38. Stevie Ray
39. Scott Norton
40. Buff Bagwell
41. Flash Flanagan
42. Flash Funk
43. Kevin Nash
44. Diesel
45. Oz
46. Scott Hall
47. Razor Ramone
48. American Starship Eagle
49. Mr. X

Cena Luvanomics

June 23, 2010

I’d like to first thank @SmarkRage, without whom this song would have never been written or produced 🙂

I’ve attached the link for the mp3 file, as well as the lyrics… so you can follow the bouncing ball. LOL As always, your comments are appreciated.

(Click the link to hear the track) “Cena Luvanomics” by @oldiesmike  from the album “Sex, Lies and Spinner Belts”.

So, you think it’s unnoticeable.

Don’t deny-it. You got Cena Luvanomics (x2). Don’t fight it… you
can’t evade it like Hooked on Phonics.

Don’t deny-it. You got Cena Luvanomics (x2). Don’t fight it… You
hoped we wouldn’t notice, when you’re moaning “You can’t see me!”

Whether Facebook or Tweetin’, you always take a beatin’. Can’t lie no
more, you was at his fan greetin’.

Accusations barein’, For proof you dare ’em, you know it’s a spinner
belt that you be wearing.

Marks you make fun of, admit that you’re one of, ain’t foolin’ us
Smarky with your Ric Flair Woo love.

Whether on @SmarkRage or Big G C, you know you wanna tweet “You Can’t See ME!”

Mondays it’s just wrong, when his music comes on, eatin’ Chittos and
Ding Dongs, wearing them orange wrist bans and a green and yellow
C-Nation thong.

With fan-club fees due, got your free cap and T – both orange and
blue. Waving your hand in front of your face, prayin’ friends and
neighbors won’t see you.

Don’t deny-it. You got Cena Luvanomics (x2). Don’t fight it… you
can’t evade it like Hooked on Phonics.

Don’t deny-it. You got Cena Luvanomics (x2). Don’t fight it… You
hoped we wouldn’t notice, when you’re moaning “You can’t see me!”

Spinner Rage was created, over it you basturbated. By the truth we
were elated. Pretend it’s not you who made it, then you delete it – oh
so that’s how you played it.

Your Hardy bashin’ ploy, you get such joy. If it wasn’t for PG – yeah,
I’m gonna say it – you’d have a Cena sex toy.

So I say this to our youth, always cop to the truth, or you’ll end up
like Corey in hand-cuffs, arrested in a C-Nation peep booth.

Now’s your final chance, man, admit to your fantasy romancin’. With
your Cena cardboard cut-out, you dream of ballroom dancin’.

You can’t hide or fight it, it’s no long denialable. Not comin’ clean
with your Cena Luv, Yo fan-boy, is just not viable.

Don’t deny-it. You got Cena Luvanomics (x2). Don’t fight it… you
can’t evade it like Hooked on Phonics.

Don’t deny-it. You got Cena Luvanomics (x2). Don’t fight it… You
hoped we wouldn’t notice, when you’re moaning “You can’t see me!”

Don’t deny-it. You got Cena Luvanomics (x2). Don’t fight it… you
can’t evade it like Hooked on Phonics!

Compiled Rejected Rap Lyrics from Twitter

June 22, 2010

Today I lost my mind and tweeted some #rejectedraplyrics. In case you missed them (and you should be grateful you did), here they are all in one place. If I come up with any more, I’ll amend this blog. But I doubt I will. I think the John Cena parody is my finale. Enjoy my lamesauceyness!

“I’m like a mix of Adonis and The Blue Meanie. A green olive, without the martini. I rock the streets in my pink bikini.

“My life, can’t be delt. So invisible, I can’t be felt. I’m in denial, just like @SmarkRage rockin a spinner belt.”

“0-1-2, buckle my shoe. 3-4-5, my rap lyrics are jive. 6-7-8, this is my fate. 9-10, I dropped the soap in jail again.”

“I’m like a song, that’s sung a cappella. So refreshing, they call me Mellow Yella. So damn white, like Sheamus, fella.”

“Times are tough, so I offer this track. Life is manic, and that’s a fact. I feel like Howdy Doody high on crack.”

“I’m empty, like an ATM without cash. I’m like Crush, without Ax or Smash. Feeling so lame like a 70s porno mustache.”

“A very strange mood is what I’m in today. Like Orlando Jordan, but not as gay. Like a hooker, who receives no pay.”

“I’m a zero today, there’s no above. I just don’t fit, like OJ’s glove. I wish I was popular, like a free QuickChek sub.”

“It’ll come to an end, the day I die. No escape, I don’t drink or get high. My ego’s deflated, like muscles on Superfly.”

“Chicks dig my tweets. I’d like to invite you all under my sheets. In reality, I’m less of a gigolo than Samuel Screech.”

“Like Dr. Phil, I have no hair. So tired today, forgot my underwear. Life’s tough, get used to it, it’s just not fair.”

“Like a blockhead, I’m Charlie Brown. My life’s a spinnin wheel, going round & round. I’m like Dink, w/o Doink The Clown.”

“Joey Image is Your Italian Hero, cooler than most. But don’t hate cuz chicks dig my raps more than your Big Cock posts.”

“Too tired to care, too tired to fight. Lower than Swoggle, ain’t got no height. Like Warrior’s self-destruction, that’s my plight.

And finally: (sung to the beat of @JohnCena’s “Bad, Bad Man”.) “Your boy’s a lame guy, ain’t got no class. I’m so weak, I can’t even kick my own ass. Lost all my followers, now I’m tweetin’ alone. So hip to be square I gotta rotary cell phone. You cringe in disgust when I rap. A midget Figure-4’d me cuz I was talkin’ smack. I try to shoot it straight, but I hit to the left. At the bank to deposit cash, I got arrested for theft. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have none at all. Got hired to be a cop, they failed to mention it was at a mall. Sniffin’ Sharpies, I get a contact high. That’s the story of my life, I’m a lame, lame guy.”

Bryan Danielson: The Biggest Swerve Ever?

June 20, 2010

I know, last weekend’s news… BUT, even though it appears that Bryan Danielson’s termination from the WWE is legit, especially with him accepting indepedant bookings now, but… what if this is all part of the greatest wrestling swerve of all time? I’m not a pro-wrestling “insider”, not do I claim to be, but I just can’t seem to get the following scenario out of my head. Keep in mind, I’m the guy that said a week ago “Who cares if it’s legit or an angle… just watch and stop trying to ‘figure out’ what goes on in the world of pro-wrestling”. Yeah, I said something like that. And I still stand by my words; but just as other people have had their ideas about how WWE should bring Bryan Danielson back to TV (assuming Danielson’s termination was a “work”) I’ve had my own “fantasy wrestling” angle.

So, here we go. Stick with me. Friday night, June 11th, posted the standard “future endeavored” press release on Danielson. The wrestling world was shocked. At 9:20pm that evening, Danielson posted the following from his Twitter account: “Just changed my twitter name to Bryan Danielson. The winds of change are stirring.” I, as many other wrestling fans, so-called “insiders” and even wrestlers themselves, doubted the legitimacy of this release. Wrestling news sites were abuzz with constant updates throughout the weekend. Sunday night John Cena confused matters even more by posting tweets that consisted of these statements: “I am very upset to hear about the release of bryan danielson…”, “…Bryan left a lasting impression on the wwe universe in a very short time, and although it came at my expense, I agree with the majority of you who are caught off guard by this choice.”, ” I would like bryan to come back to the wwe.”, “I would like to sign your petition to bring him back. I was taught to stand up for what I beileve in. I tried and failed, so I could use some help.” and “…give him yet another chance to prove that he does belong with us.” “Dirt Sheet” writers went nuts… with some of them even speculating  that Cena’s Twitter account was hacked. But alot of people took this as “Oh, John is justing playing up the story-line…” So, “Is it real or is it an angle?” was the question that plagued the pro-wrestling world for an entire weekend, through mid-week that followed, until both Evolve and Dragon Gate USA announced that Bryan Danielson would be wrestling for both of their promotions on the weekend of July 23rd & 24th. Soon after, Chikara announced that Danielson would be taking on Eddie Kingston at their June 26th show in Taylor, Michigan, which would be Danielson’s first official indy match since his “release” from WWE. Other indy promotions world-wide began to follow suit, announcing that Danielson would be appearing for them as well. On Wednesday, June 16th, the most talked about man in wrestling confirmed via his Twitter account, that he was now available for independent bookings. The following day Danielson tweeted “Looks like my return to the independents will be next Saturday for @chikarapro in Detroit, MI. I’m stoked to be working with Chikara again!” This seemed to silent most who believed Danielson’s WWE release was an angle. BUT…

What if the WWE wrestler formerly known as “Daniel Bryan” IS still employed by WWE? What if his “release” really is all part of a story-line? What if it’s all part of the greatest swerve of all time? What if I’ve been watching far too much of  Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory”? Maybe so, but I think it would be great. Now, can Bryan Danielson work independent shows “legally” under what was (or possibily still is LOL) his current WWE contract? Does anyone really know the details of Danielson’s WWE contract? Is it possible a stipulation for Bryan to wrestle for independents when WWE deemed necessary was in his original contract? Could it be that Danielson’s contract was amended when the idea for the “NXT invasion” angle came to fruition? I don’t know. These are just questions that I, a wrestling fan, have.

In conclusion, if a couple months from now you see Bryan Danielson show up on Raw… or a WWE Pay Per View… say… maybe… I don’t know… Maybe a little Pay Per View known as… Summer Slam… you be sure to give me credit (and probably a zillion other smarks who’ve come up with the same idea.) About a week prior to the PPV, WWE begins to leak rumor’s that Danielson could appear at Summer Slam? It would sure get the news sites and wrestling world talking again. More importantly, it could increase Pay Per View buy rates. After all, that’s what any company is about, right? Making money. Could this scenario happen? Could the contract stipulations I stated above happen legally? I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. Maybe you know. If you do, please comment. Please comment on my scenario regardless. Am I crazy? Well, sure. Did I take my own advice of “Just watch and see how it all plays out”? No, of course not. What else is new! 🙂

Continued Weight Loss, Thoughts on Danielson, NXT Hopeful “Jimmy Marcowitz”, Joey Image Invades Bean Town, Referee Tommy Young, Tech Stuff, etc.

June 14, 2010

As I begin to write my first blog since my self-imposed Twitter hiatus, I am proud to report, while pedaling away calories at the gym, that I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds in less than 4 weeks. I suspected I had lost more since my last weigh-in, but I never expected it to be that much. I should have been tipped-off by the “Pants on the Ground” guy from American Idol visiting my house over the weekend and serenading me with his #1 smash hit. LOL The only thing that sucks about mega weight loss is the need to constantly upgrade a wardrobe that still consists on 1970s bell-bottoms and 80s Golds Gym tank tops… not to mention those first-run Hulkamania Tees, which I’m proud to say still have their original rips and tears, and still reek of Hogan’s perspiration and stale baby oil. Not for those who have weak stomachs… And you can take THAT to the bank, Daddy!

Bryan Danielson released from WWE? Chances are this has been talked to death already on Twitter, so I won’t write too much about it other than to say this: This is my unprofessional opinion… it’s a win-win situation! If it’s not true that WWE released him and it’s all part of an elaborate “NXT invasion” angle, then congrats to WWE for getting the fans and news sites talking about it… over an entire weekend no less. You all will be tuning into Raw tonight, won’t you? Then WWE has done their job. If it’s indeed a legit release, then how is that a “win”? Simple. “American Dragon” will once again be tearing it up on the independent wrestling scene in the very near future. His “stock” automatically goes up because of his WWE television exposure, which means more money in his well-deserved pockets. And it’s a “win” for indy wrestling fans, who’ll get to see, once again, Danielson showcase his talents the way HE wants to. That all being said, whatever happened to the days when we had to WAIT for storylines to play out on TV? I mean, we still do, but now with the internet and wrestling news sites / dirt sheets, everyone wants to be an armchair booker. 25 years ago, fans wouldn’t have even known about this “firing” until sometime in the future. Many of us wouldn’t have even noticed he wasn’t on TV any more until a couple or few weeks have gone by. I’ve been asked by a few fellow fans if I thought Danielson’s “release” was legit or not. My FINAL ANSWER (eh hem, game show reference!) is…… I don’t know, and I don’t care. JUST WATCH! ENJOY THE SHOW! WAIT… and see what happens. Have patience. We don’t always need to know things RIGHT NOW. That’s my attitude at least, and I’m sticking to it.

(Disclaimer: Portions of the following topic are fictitious, and as of this writing, Mark James has NOT been hired by the WWE. That means YOU, dirt sheets! LOL) I was very happy to hear that a man whom I respect very much, Mark James, had a tryout with WWE yesterday. As most of you probably know already, Mark feels it went well and I’m told WWE officials will “be in touch”. If you’re a wrestling fan and you’re not already following @MarkJamesBrand on Twitter, you should be. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see an NXT Season 3 or 4 rookie named “Jimmy Marcowitz”. That’s right, Jimmy Marcowitz! (Hey, there’s been worse NXT rookie names… maybe.) If “Jimmy Marc” (get it? “Jimmy Mac”… the Oldies song? Nothing? OK) shows up on your television screen Tuesday nights, you let ’em know you heard it HERE first, folks. (Cite your sources, dirt sheets!)

I was happy to hear that my buddy Joey Image (@JoeyImageDotCom) had a blast in Boston this weekend. Joey’s activities included attending a wrestling show (I hope he gets booked by Chaotic Wrestling!) and sushi eating. I know, I was as surprised as you!

Over the weekend I got the opportunity to watch Tommy Young’s Shoot Interview 2-DVD set. If you’re a wrestling fan and you don’t know who Tommy Young is, just watch any NWA/WCW Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat match from the mid to late 80s. Young’s refereeing style was unlike anyone elses and always stood out to me, even as a kid. Young discusses how he went from being a pro-wrestler to a referee, of course the obligatory Ric Flair road stories, his in-ring injury that put him out of wrestling for good, and much more. This DVD set is currently selling for only $5 on I highly recommend it. (Just click the Highspots link and it’ll take you right to the Tommy Young DVD page. Yup, I’m getting the hang of this stuff!)

While I’m on the subject of professional wrestling… (I know, when am I not?)… I was happy to hear that Tommy Dreamer (@TheTommyDreamer) showed up on TNA’s Slammiversary PPV last night. I’m not sure if he’s under contract or what said contract would entail, but I sure hope it doesn’t interfere with him tagging with Eddie Kingston at Chikara’s July 25th show in Philadelphia, PA. Tommy & Eddie are supposed to take on Claudio Castagnoli (@ccastagnoli) & Ares (@areswrestler) of the BDK. (Speaking of the Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes, check out ) Anyway, I’m selfish. Dreamer, be in Philly on July 25th, OR ELSE (LOL!)

One last thing… (Boy, I am NOT missing Twitter’s 140 character limit! LOL) I downloaded the Opera Mini 5 browser on my HTC Android phone last night. This browser is sweet and fast as hell! Totally blows away the default browser that came with my phone. I haven’t done alot with it, but if it’s fast, it’s for me. If you’re a late bloomer like me, and are not aware of Opera (NO! Not Opra!) check out

Thanks to all who have reached out to me via text, e-mail, DM, Facebook, Yahoo IM, etc. over the past few days. @TheMaskedTweeter and @FlairChops even teamed up the other day to send me smoke signals. I still don’t know what “Come bock to twooter” means though. LOL

God Bless you all, and I hope to speak to each of you real soon.

Oldies Mike

Taking a Break from Twitter

June 11, 2010

First off, as all of you know, I am noone special. So, I really don’t want this to be looked at as some “huge announcement” or press release or something of that nature. LOL But seriously (which I rarely am) in the past year I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve developed some friendships which are actually very important to me. Some of you I’ve met in person, which has been extremely cool, and I’ve been the better person for it. Others, I haven’t met in person, but hope to some day. Most of the people who will read this I speak to on a regular, if not daily, basis. Most of our banter, back and forth, is humorous and often sarcastic; but regardless, we make each other laugh, and it helps to pass the time when we have lulls in our day. One of you, has become a very good friend, and someone I care about very much. Even though you’ve experienced great suffering recently in your life, for some reason you saw something in me, and stuck your hand out in friendship and mentorship; for which I’ve become a better person. You’ve motivated me to go after a 20+ year dream, and have done nothing but boost my self-confidence and have let me know that with hard work and sacrefice, anything is possible. Even though I’d like for those dreams to manifest into a reality quicker, you’ve never rushed me. You’ve let me go at my own “baby steps” pace, as I like to call it. You sir, may have no idea how much all of this, as well as your continued support in the future, means to me.

So, without getting even more dramatic than I’ve already been about this, each and every one of you who will see this, have touched me in some aspect of my life, for which I am a better man for knowing you. For that, I am very grateful.

Even though it’s “just fuckin’ Twitter”, and I don’t know how long of a “hiatus” I’ll be taking, I didn’t want to just disappear; although, deep down inside that very insecure place I have within myself, I doubt very many of you would care, or even notice, I’m gone.

So, why am I taking a break from Twitter, as the title of this blog says? A couple of reasons… I feel I need to dedicate more time and positive energy to my family, to myself, and toward accomplishing my dreams of training to become a professional wrestler. Other other reason is, for as fun as “tweeting the day” away can sometimes be, there’s an aspect of Twitter than can be really annoying at times. Yeah, I know “it’s just fuckin’ Twitter”. Regardless, some of the “drama”, for lack of a better word, that goes on sometimes is really annoying. I’m in a place in my life where I try to keep things as drama-free as possible. For those that don’t know this about me, in addition to being in and on radio part-time, I also consider myself a full-time caregiver to my almost 82 year old father who has Alzheimers Discease. He’s in the middle stages of it, so presently it’s not as bad as it will most likely get. Nonetheless, I have to be prepared for when that time comes. I also have a wife who’s much older than me. Many of you know that she recently had her second knee replacement surgery. The recovery from this one has not been as smooth as the one she had a few months ago. She is almost always in constant pain. Even though she’d probably say I’m a good husband, I know I can do better.

I am also a recovering alcoholic. I haven’t touched a drop of liquor or a drug in close to 17 years. I hardly ever talk about that on Twitter for obvious reasons. Most of you will be finding out this interesting (? LOL) tidbit about me for the first time now. I ask that you keep your knowledge of this to yourselves. Of course, in the electronic age we live in, anyone can read this blog. But, who the fuck knows who “Oldies Mike from Twitter” is. LOL Regardless, please keep that #randomfact to yourself. But needless to say, I need to continue to grow in a positive direction in order to maintain my sobriety, for myself, and for my family and friends.

Wow, this is much longer and “dramatic” than I indended. I guess I just wanted to give some of you a glimpse of the real me. God knows we all hide under some sort of mask on Twitter… some do litterally. LOL

So, to wrap this novel up… I’m taking a break. How long? I don’t know. It could be 7 months… it could be 7 weeks… it could even be 7 days. Knowing me, it might only be 7 hours. LOL But seriously, I need to go back to that “quiet spot within” that I once knew… that place where “anything is possible”… that place that will allow me to enhace the inner “Me”… a place that I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t spent much time at in several years.

To some peoples’ disappointment I’m sure, I’m not going away for ever. At least I don’t intend to… for reasons that I’ve stated at the beginning of what’s become this “Best Seller”. LOL

I want to have continued contact with you. Just not necessarly in a public forum such as Twitter right now; although I do have Facebook and would be happy to give it out to anyone who doesn’t already have it. Mostly, I think I’d prefer to have contact one-on-one via phone and text. If you want my # just send me a DM on Twitter. I’m not shutting my Twitter account down; I just won’t be checking my timeline or @ responses for a while. My DMs go directly to my phone via text, so I’ll see them and will be sure to respond. I might also set up some sort of Yahoo IM or AIM, and if it’s available, oldiesmike will be the screen name.

I think for now, most of my writings and ramblings will be posted in this blog. I can’t imagine going through my day or week without getting thoughts out via the written, or in this case, typed word. So check this blog often if you remember to, or even care to.

Oh one final thought… about IndyMania… I’m not sure what the status of that account is going to be at this moment. I want to continue to support indy wrestling, it’s promotions, and wrestlers. Other than continueing to go to indy events, which you can damn well bet I will be, and purchase their DVDs, I’m not quite sure how I will continue to carry out that mission… which I am still, if not more than ever, passionate about doing. I’ve tried to get some ideas from like-minded people, about how we can help spread the artform of indy wrestling, but they didn’t seem to have any idea either. LOL.

So, I’ll end with this: I’ve been thinking about this “Twitter break” for a while now. So, this is not just some snap decision I’ve made today. I just didn’t think it would come this soon. I wish you all great days and better memories and like I said, please stay in touch. For now, phone/text would be the best way. Just DM me if you want my # or facebook.

Suplexingly Yours,
Formerly, “Oldies Mike from Twitter” (well, at least for now)

Health Insurance Companies Don’t Make Sense: Old News, New Experience

June 3, 2010

I’ve often heard about insurance companies giving people the shaft, but never experienced it first hand… until NOW. Five months ago when my wife had her first knee replacement surgery, she was in the hospital for 4 days and an in-patient rehab for 2 weeks. She had no complications other than recovering from the surgery itself and rehabbing the knee. After excellent care, she was able to leave the rehab walking with the assistance of only a cain. Fast forward five months and another knee replacement later… Surgery, once again went well; but while in the same rehab facility she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and wasn’t able to start rehabbing the knee until she was in the facility for about 3 days. 6 days into her rehab stay we’re notified that she’s being discharged the next day – after only a 1 week stay! The rehab medical staff and social worker clearly told our insurance company that she’s not ready to be discharged. She can barely walk with the assistance of a walker, and her lungs are still not clear. Insurance company’s response: “We’ll pay for her to use a walker at home.” How does this make sense? Thanks for letting me vent.