Bryan Danielson: The Biggest Swerve Ever?

I know, last weekend’s news… BUT, even though it appears that Bryan Danielson’s termination from the WWE is legit, especially with him accepting indepedant bookings now, but… what if this is all part of the greatest wrestling swerve of all time? I’m not a pro-wrestling “insider”, not do I claim to be, but I just can’t seem to get the following scenario out of my head. Keep in mind, I’m the guy that said a week ago “Who cares if it’s legit or an angle… just watch and stop trying to ‘figure out’ what goes on in the world of pro-wrestling”. Yeah, I said something like that. And I still stand by my words; but just as other people have had their ideas about how WWE should bring Bryan Danielson back to TV (assuming Danielson’s termination was a “work”) I’ve had my own “fantasy wrestling” angle.

So, here we go. Stick with me. Friday night, June 11th, posted the standard “future endeavored” press release on Danielson. The wrestling world was shocked. At 9:20pm that evening, Danielson posted the following from his Twitter account: “Just changed my twitter name to Bryan Danielson. The winds of change are stirring.” I, as many other wrestling fans, so-called “insiders” and even wrestlers themselves, doubted the legitimacy of this release. Wrestling news sites were abuzz with constant updates throughout the weekend. Sunday night John Cena confused matters even more by posting tweets that consisted of these statements: “I am very upset to hear about the release of bryan danielson…”, “…Bryan left a lasting impression on the wwe universe in a very short time, and although it came at my expense, I agree with the majority of you who are caught off guard by this choice.”, ” I would like bryan to come back to the wwe.”, “I would like to sign your petition to bring him back. I was taught to stand up for what I beileve in. I tried and failed, so I could use some help.” and “…give him yet another chance to prove that he does belong with us.” “Dirt Sheet” writers went nuts… with some of them even speculating  that Cena’s Twitter account was hacked. But alot of people took this as “Oh, John is justing playing up the story-line…” So, “Is it real or is it an angle?” was the question that plagued the pro-wrestling world for an entire weekend, through mid-week that followed, until both Evolve and Dragon Gate USA announced that Bryan Danielson would be wrestling for both of their promotions on the weekend of July 23rd & 24th. Soon after, Chikara announced that Danielson would be taking on Eddie Kingston at their June 26th show in Taylor, Michigan, which would be Danielson’s first official indy match since his “release” from WWE. Other indy promotions world-wide began to follow suit, announcing that Danielson would be appearing for them as well. On Wednesday, June 16th, the most talked about man in wrestling confirmed via his Twitter account, that he was now available for independent bookings. The following day Danielson tweeted “Looks like my return to the independents will be next Saturday for @chikarapro in Detroit, MI. I’m stoked to be working with Chikara again!” This seemed to silent most who believed Danielson’s WWE release was an angle. BUT…

What if the WWE wrestler formerly known as “Daniel Bryan” IS still employed by WWE? What if his “release” really is all part of a story-line? What if it’s all part of the greatest swerve of all time? What if I’ve been watching far too much of  Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory”? Maybe so, but I think it would be great. Now, can Bryan Danielson work independent shows “legally” under what was (or possibily still is LOL) his current WWE contract? Does anyone really know the details of Danielson’s WWE contract? Is it possible a stipulation for Bryan to wrestle for independents when WWE deemed necessary was in his original contract? Could it be that Danielson’s contract was amended when the idea for the “NXT invasion” angle came to fruition? I don’t know. These are just questions that I, a wrestling fan, have.

In conclusion, if a couple months from now you see Bryan Danielson show up on Raw… or a WWE Pay Per View… say… maybe… I don’t know… Maybe a little Pay Per View known as… Summer Slam… you be sure to give me credit (and probably a zillion other smarks who’ve come up with the same idea.) About a week prior to the PPV, WWE begins to leak rumor’s that Danielson could appear at Summer Slam? It would sure get the news sites and wrestling world talking again. More importantly, it could increase Pay Per View buy rates. After all, that’s what any company is about, right? Making money. Could this scenario happen? Could the contract stipulations I stated above happen legally? I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. Maybe you know. If you do, please comment. Please comment on my scenario regardless. Am I crazy? Well, sure. Did I take my own advice of “Just watch and see how it all plays out”? No, of course not. What else is new! 🙂


3 Responses to Bryan Danielson: The Biggest Swerve Ever?

  1. Laci says:

    Hmmmm maybe he will turn out to be the ‘masked man” SES RULES! lol

  2. Missie Bird says:

    I’m with you on all fronts, Mike. I don’t pretend to know what’s going on here but I’m still smelling “work” when things like WWE Shop having “free neckties” and letting Cena tweet about the whole thing.

  3. Work or not, I do expect to see Bryan Danielson back in the WWE at some point, sooner rather than later and SummerSlam is as good a time as any.

    I don’t think he’ll come back as part of the NXT storyline. His own story of being the greatest Indy wrestler who can’t get a win or catch a break in the WWE was a well developed storyline and his release just adds fuel to that.

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