Taking a Break from Twitter

First off, as all of you know, I am noone special. So, I really don’t want this to be looked at as some “huge announcement” or press release or something of that nature. LOL But seriously (which I rarely am) in the past year I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve developed some friendships which are actually very important to me. Some of you I’ve met in person, which has been extremely cool, and I’ve been the better person for it. Others, I haven’t met in person, but hope to some day. Most of the people who will read this I speak to on a regular, if not daily, basis. Most of our banter, back and forth, is humorous and often sarcastic; but regardless, we make each other laugh, and it helps to pass the time when we have lulls in our day. One of you, has become a very good friend, and someone I care about very much. Even though you’ve experienced great suffering recently in your life, for some reason you saw something in me, and stuck your hand out in friendship and mentorship; for which I’ve become a better person. You’ve motivated me to go after a 20+ year dream, and have done nothing but boost my self-confidence and have let me know that with hard work and sacrefice, anything is possible. Even though I’d like for those dreams to manifest into a reality quicker, you’ve never rushed me. You’ve let me go at my own “baby steps” pace, as I like to call it. You sir, may have no idea how much all of this, as well as your continued support in the future, means to me.

So, without getting even more dramatic than I’ve already been about this, each and every one of you who will see this, have touched me in some aspect of my life, for which I am a better man for knowing you. For that, I am very grateful.

Even though it’s “just fuckin’ Twitter”, and I don’t know how long of a “hiatus” I’ll be taking, I didn’t want to just disappear; although, deep down inside that very insecure place I have within myself, I doubt very many of you would care, or even notice, I’m gone.

So, why am I taking a break from Twitter, as the title of this blog says? A couple of reasons… I feel I need to dedicate more time and positive energy to my family, to myself, and toward accomplishing my dreams of training to become a professional wrestler. Other other reason is, for as fun as “tweeting the day” away can sometimes be, there’s an aspect of Twitter than can be really annoying at times. Yeah, I know “it’s just fuckin’ Twitter”. Regardless, some of the “drama”, for lack of a better word, that goes on sometimes is really annoying. I’m in a place in my life where I try to keep things as drama-free as possible. For those that don’t know this about me, in addition to being in and on radio part-time, I also consider myself a full-time caregiver to my almost 82 year old father who has Alzheimers Discease. He’s in the middle stages of it, so presently it’s not as bad as it will most likely get. Nonetheless, I have to be prepared for when that time comes. I also have a wife who’s much older than me. Many of you know that she recently had her second knee replacement surgery. The recovery from this one has not been as smooth as the one she had a few months ago. She is almost always in constant pain. Even though she’d probably say I’m a good husband, I know I can do better.

I am also a recovering alcoholic. I haven’t touched a drop of liquor or a drug in close to 17 years. I hardly ever talk about that on Twitter for obvious reasons. Most of you will be finding out this interesting (? LOL) tidbit about me for the first time now. I ask that you keep your knowledge of this to yourselves. Of course, in the electronic age we live in, anyone can read this blog. But, who the fuck knows who “Oldies Mike from Twitter” is. LOL Regardless, please keep that #randomfact to yourself. But needless to say, I need to continue to grow in a positive direction in order to maintain my sobriety, for myself, and for my family and friends.

Wow, this is much longer and “dramatic” than I indended. I guess I just wanted to give some of you a glimpse of the real me. God knows we all hide under some sort of mask on Twitter… some do litterally. LOL

So, to wrap this novel up… I’m taking a break. How long? I don’t know. It could be 7 months… it could be 7 weeks… it could even be 7 days. Knowing me, it might only be 7 hours. LOL But seriously, I need to go back to that “quiet spot within” that I once knew… that place where “anything is possible”… that place that will allow me to enhace the inner “Me”… a place that I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t spent much time at in several years.

To some peoples’ disappointment I’m sure, I’m not going away for ever. At least I don’t intend to… for reasons that I’ve stated at the beginning of what’s become this “Best Seller”. LOL

I want to have continued contact with you. Just not necessarly in a public forum such as Twitter right now; although I do have Facebook and would be happy to give it out to anyone who doesn’t already have it. Mostly, I think I’d prefer to have contact one-on-one via phone and text. If you want my # just send me a DM on Twitter. I’m not shutting my Twitter account down; I just won’t be checking my timeline or @ responses for a while. My DMs go directly to my phone via text, so I’ll see them and will be sure to respond. I might also set up some sort of Yahoo IM or AIM, and if it’s available, oldiesmike will be the screen name.

I think for now, most of my writings and ramblings will be posted in this blog. I can’t imagine going through my day or week without getting thoughts out via the written, or in this case, typed word. So check this blog often if you remember to, or even care to.

Oh one final thought… about IndyMania… I’m not sure what the status of that account is going to be at this moment. I want to continue to support indy wrestling, it’s promotions, and wrestlers. Other than continueing to go to indy events, which you can damn well bet I will be, and purchase their DVDs, I’m not quite sure how I will continue to carry out that mission… which I am still, if not more than ever, passionate about doing. I’ve tried to get some ideas from like-minded people, about how we can help spread the artform of indy wrestling, but they didn’t seem to have any idea either. LOL.

So, I’ll end with this: I’ve been thinking about this “Twitter break” for a while now. So, this is not just some snap decision I’ve made today. I just didn’t think it would come this soon. I wish you all great days and better memories and like I said, please stay in touch. For now, phone/text would be the best way. Just DM me if you want my # or facebook.

Suplexingly Yours,
Formerly, “Oldies Mike from Twitter” (well, at least for now)

3 Responses to Taking a Break from Twitter

  1. laci says:

    don’t be gone long……

  2. Ric (aka MaskedTweeter) says:

    Hi Mike,
    While I follow a lot of people on Twitter, There are only a handful of peple I communicate with on a regular basis. Your absence will be felt, but I understand your need to limit distractions at this point in your life.

    Family comes first. Take care of them and yourself.

    Take care,

  3. Kelly says:

    Shoot for the moon, if you miss at least you will land among the stars.

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